Dicom ocx (DicomXBridge)

Dicom ocx (DicomXBridge)

Generates Dicom files

Dicom ocx (DicomXBridge) is a software program that can load, display and manipulate Dicom files. A great feature of this tool is that it is capable of opening huge datasets.

Only the necessary tags are loaded and generated in its memory. Other tools are left on the disk until an operation tells them to use them. Dicom ocx (DicomXBridge) is capable of handling most Dicom image formats both in compression and decompression.

The ocx can manage the Dicom charsets and covert them from or to Unicode. It is capable of reading and writing Dicom tags. This application can access Dicom tags in a very efficient manner.

It has the capability of creating Dicom files with brand new images and tags. Custom measurement tools support this application’s linear measurement tools which consist of a measure selection tool and a zooming tool.

If your application needs more tools. it can read the ocx events to add custom measurements and draw custom cursors. ADicom ocx (DicomXBridge) is perfect for everyone.

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Dicom ocx (DicomXBridge)


Dicom ocx (DicomXBridge)

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